The Pledge

I (fill in name )do swear to uphold the principles of the Knights of Labor. I will be my brothers keeper. I will stand with my fellow members in order to strengthen labors voice. I will not tolerate bullying, racism, or sexist behavior. I will speak the truth, and only share things that I know to be true. I will never jeopardize a fellow members family , or job by my actions.

truth is what we need

The old Knights of Labor was very important in the late 1800’s. Their idea was to represent the working class in the political arena. We want to be the voice of the middle class . To accomplish this we will be sharing news , editorial , and legislative plans that impact our working lives . We will stay away from Social issues such as abortion , and gun control. We believe in freedom of choice when it comes to those issues. Job Safety, Taxes , Health care, and retirement are all important to our members.

We pledge to you , our members that we seek out the truth , and will not inundate you with “fake News”. Any posts on this site will be checked for authenticity , and facts. Journalism nowdays seems to have forgotten that it is their job to report the truth about the news.

History of the Knights of Labor

The old Knights of labor history .  We are not trying to recreate the original KOL . We are trying to begin a new chapter in labor history . Unions need to rethink there approach towards solidarity and what labor needs in this country. Please take some time and contemplate the role that KOL wants to take on . We hope to represent working men and women in the realm of politics , work place safety, and the  power of solidarity