How to build a solid foundation for growth in Erie county

Today they topped off the Solar City building with a great speech by Erie County executive Mark Polancarz. The Basic function of trying to grow Erie county is to establish a solid base is to bring jobs to the Area. The IDA model that has been in place for so long has rarely panned out as it promised, leaving The taxpayers holding the bag for Jobs that actually cost us money. By taming up with Erie Community College , and Labor a better vision is at hand. Lets look at the framework. County executive Polancarz  works with the Governor to bring in seed money to help build the infrastructure , labor works to make sure the kind of jobs we need (living wage jobs) are being brought in . Erie community college is adapting and training workers , with collaboration from Solar city , in the skills they will need.
The end result is sustainable growth. first by attracting a viable , and growing industry to our area, second making sure these are good paying jobs that will add to the counties tax base, and third growing Erie community college as a first rate educational system for the needs of Erie counties residents.

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