About The Knights of Labor 2014

The Role of Labor in today’s world¬† is different , yet the same as it was in the¬† late 1800’s. The role that The original Knights of Labor played was that of a secret organization , that valued Labor as a noble , and worthwhile endeavor. The Unsafe conditions , and the low wages made working for a living a sometimes deadly inefficient way to raise a family. Farming was a better way to provide for your Family. .

The original Knights of Labor knew that skilled trades , and working the land were the only ways to really provide for your family. working for someone else was risky , and didn’t pay well.

The original KOL believed that through Political action , and solidarity , the masses of working men and Women would be able to protect themselves and there families from corporate tyrants. We believe the same things are true today.

Labor today needs to solidify their rank and file members , and Make the Government do what Governments are supposed to do . Protect it’s citizens from attack by Hostile enitities that are bent on destroying the American way of Life.

The problem is the average working men and women today don’t see Corporate America as their enemy. it is so much easier to brand A foreign country as hostile to the U.S. but is it any different if a Country invades the U.S. and takes over it’s government by military force or by economic force.

Today Corporate America does not have the interest of all Americans at heart, unless of course they are the major stockholders in the company, then it is dedicated to them.

Our view at the Knights of Labor is that the Working middle class is the backbone of this country , they have built and maintain the United States overwhelming superiority as a world power. We die , we work , we live and breathe to take care of our Family and friends, If we could only look at all working men and women as our family then we would be in a position to turn this country around , and restore its ability to lead the world towards a better place.

Our mission is to unite the working class around the issues that bind us all. Safe working environment, wages that we can raise a family on , and freedom to associate with like minded Americans.

To that end we will be educating and organizing all our brothers and sisters , in order to get what we need from our Government. Please join us and start this new revolution, the revolution of the working class, and family . We all need to listen to the words of wisdom from John Lennon’s song , ” a working class hero is something to be”

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